Innovative Packaging for the Dental Industry

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March 6, 2020
The Challenge 

In 2017, Dentsply Sirona came to Brentwood in search of an improved packaging solution to their current off-the-shelf, injection molded polycarbonate boxes sourced from China. These boxes held their restorative dental products, including crowns, abutments, screws, and dentures. For the new packaging designs, Dentsply Sirona wanted easier to use packaging with a premium look that would reduce costs. The new trays and boxes would be part of a fully customized treatment box, tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

The Process

Both companies met for the first time within 12 hours after Brentwood received the initial project specifications. Brentwood understood all the requirements and their engineers developed a detailed action plan and began work on the first round of designs. A concept drawing was submitted to Dentsply Sirona within 24 hours, which beat other companies’ submittals by several days. Brentwood’s quick turnaround time was a critical factor in decision making for Dentsply Sirona’s product line manager in Spain.

Dentsply Sirona held focus groups to test the original designs and identify areas of improvement. A pivotal design change involved the condition that the abutment trays needed to be opened with one hand. Brentwood’s design engineers delivered new concepts to Dentsply Sirona’s product line manager within 24 hours. Three days after the designs were submitted, Brentwood sent 3D prototype part at no charge.

The Result 

Brentwood’s design engineers developed multiple aesthetically pleasing package designs, a one-handed opening abutment tray design, and a solution that significantly reduced costs. The new packaging line includes three styles of abutment trays to hold screws and implants, and two different size box designs to hold guides and dentures. The abutment tray design is a nested, sliding tray that can be opened with a thumb, moving forwards or backwards. This design keeps the implants secure in transport and allows the dental care provider to access abutments easily.

Dentsply Sirona wanted the packaging design to reflect the company’s global brand image. This additional design feature involved creating a custom lid color to match the specific Pantone of Dentsply Sirona’s brand. Brentwood’s team worked with several material suppliers to formulate the perfect blue material to be consistent with branding and give the packaging a pop of color.


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