Increasing Operations Efficiency with Innovative Packaging

Face Shield Cleanroom
September 1, 2020

The Brentwood Medical team is always looking to solve problems for our customers, even if it doesn’t involve creating an innovative packaging design. Our operations specialists are always looking for new ways to help our customers increase efficiencies at every stages of the supply chain.

A customer came to Brentwood seeking a solution to their shipping packaging. The customer’s long catheter trays were packaged in double poly bags with masking tape and packed in long cardboard boxes. The boxes were then stood on a palette and wrapped in plastic wrap to be shipped. Once the trays arrived at the customer’s facility, their quality assurance inspector would open each box before the trays could enter the cleanroom. The customer realized quickly that this shipping method was not cost effective or time efficient.

To solve this issue, Brentwood developed a shrink wrap system for the catheter trays to decrease shipping material and increase efficiency. The shrink wrap system, located in our ISO class 7 cleanroom, is an extension built onto our SencorpUltra thermoformer. As the catheter trays come off the machine, the operator stacks the trays and sends them through the shrink wrap machine. The trays are removed from the shrink-wrap machine and placed in a cardboard gaylord with a removable side. The removable side provides easy access for the customer’s quality assurance team to inspect the trays and apply a label without taking every catheter tray out of the gaylord.

The new packaging cut waste and recycling for our customer by 70%. It also increased the efficiency of their quality inspections, cleared space on their facility floor, and boosted employee morale. To discuss how to increase the efficiency of your operations, fill out a contact form and one of our sales representatives will reach out to you.


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