Tray Design Improves Organization and Efficiency in the Surgical Field

Face Shield Cleanroom
October 6, 2020
A customer came to Brentwood in search of an improved packaging solution for a bone marrow aspiration (BMA) kit. The pouches they were using limited visibility of the kit’s 15 components and did not allow for proper organization. When dumped from the pouch, the many pieces would come out haphazardly, adding unnecessary time to the preparation process and sometimes even falling off the tray.

The challenge for Brentwood was designing a tray that would hold and protect all 15 components, while also functioning as a surgical preparation tray that wouldn’t take up too much space. This led to a three-piece tray design. The inner tray contains most of the BMA kit components, including the fenestrated bone marrow aspiration needle, syringes, a clot filter, additional needles and cups, and a plasma processing set. It utilizes snap-fits to hold the components securely in place and incorporates a retainer to hold a vial in place. The inner tray is also designed to easily lift out of the outer tray, which can then be used as a surgical preparation tray.

The innovative solution met our customer’s requirements for improved packaging design, making each component easily accessible and enabling smoother preparation for bone marrow aspiration procedures. Brentwood’s three-piece tray design holds all 15 components in place for increased visibility and organization, provides room for assembly and surgical preparation, and maintains a small footprint to limit the amount of space needed for storage on a hospital shelf.

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  1. RanaHadi

    Great Work thank you so much for your continuing efforts to support public health of all citizens


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