The Importance of Medical Device Packaging

Face Shield Cleanroom
November 5, 2021

Traditionally, packaging is the last thought in a medical device’s development process. Packaging engineers focus on the actual design and functionality of the device itself before thinking about the packaging. Rightfully so, the device itself is going to be used on a patient, so it needs to function as stated. However, packaging should not be overlooked. Instead, it should be considered at every stage in the development process.

Devices need to be protected from physical damage, biological contamination, and other external factors that sacrifice the integrity and sterility of the device. If the packaging were compromised, the device would be rendered unusable, resulting in patients not receiving the care they need and requiring the device manufacturer to replace costly devices.

Keeping devices protected is not the only function of the packaging. Device companies need to meet certain regulatory requirements. Staying compliant with the Food and Drug Administration requires specific sterilization methods, packaging materials, labeling, and traceability.

Packaging considerations should be top of mind during the medical device development process. While device engineers may not have the time to think about packaging, we do. Our in-house team of designers specialize in designing simple and complex medical device trays for any application.


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