Brentwood is a high-performance partner who innovates precise solutions for even the most demanding healthcare, pharmaceutical, dental, and electronic packaging and device applications.


Brentwood understands that there is a high demand to deliver precise, sterile, and high-quality packaging to the healthcare industry. Our custom-designed medical packaging provides top quality products for diabetes delivery systems, medical devices, catheters, and many more. All our health care packaging solutions are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, ISO Class 7 cleanroom.



Brentwood has extensive experience designing clinical trial trays for the pharmaceutical industry. We understand that organization is key to conducting a successful clinical trial, so we design packaging with this in mind as well as flexible layouts to accommodate changes throughout the trial.


We understand that patients require custom dental solutions, so we design our packaging with the patient in mind. Our designers ensure flexible and stable packaging solutions for abutments, dentures, implants, shipping containers, and more.


Handling trays for the electronics industry are crucial for ensuring the safety and security of circuit boards, wires, and more during the manufacturing and assembly processes. Our handling trays are manufactured in our ISO class 7 cleanroom to minimize static electricity and are designed to securely transport electronic components within, or between, facilities.

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